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Andrew Loyd of the Bespoke Travel Club

The aim of the Bespoke Travel Club is to provide a one stop portal for high end travellers looking for the very best companies out there. We want you to consider The Bespoke Travel Club as your first port of call, whether you are seeking a Scottish castle for your 50th Birthday, a Greek estate for your summer holiday, some hard to find London theatre tickets, a family safari across Africa, travel itinerary for Asia and Arabia or specialist Eastern Europe destination, private jet to Europe or an exclusive chalet for your family ski holiday.

We are often asked by our clients which specialist travel agencies would we recommend for travel advice on different parts of the world. We thought it would be helpful to start to bring together the very best available in order to save clients a lot of time searching for the right people to arrange their next adventure! The plethora of choice available makes it even more vital that you are looked after by the right travel company which truly understands your needs. Our aim is to match your aspirations with the respective club member’s skill and knowledge of the area concerned.

Each member of the Bespoke Travel Club has extensive and well earned recognition in their field and has been operating as a specialist travel agency for a number of years. As the club grows new members from suitable companies will be added and we will only do so when we are sure that they fit in with the club ethos and passion for delivering the dream holiday. Dealing with a similar type of clientele we all understand the standard of care and attention to detail which our clients expect. We promise to always maintain that high level of service and we look forward to helping you plan many memorable and life enhancing trips around the world.

Andrew Loyd

CEO of Loyd & Townsend Rose – ltrcastles.com

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