LTR at the Royal Ballet

Andrew Loyd

We were extremely lucky to be invited by friends to attend a performance at the Royal Opera House by the Royal Ballet of the Four Temperaments by George Ballanchine, Untouchable by Hofesh Shechter and the Song of the Earth by Kenneth Macmillan.

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All contemporary pieces and Untouchable particularly unusual, we were treated to a visual feast, as always beautifully conducted by Barry Wordsworth and Koen Kessels. Not ballet buffs we were amazed at the beauty of the pieces and the precision of the dancers. The final act was a little too long but dining in between each set made for a very civilised evening, especially as out table was about 100 feet from our seats!

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The Royal Opera House has never looked more lovely and we were most impressed by the slick service at dinner where our pre-ordered dishes were served bang on time for each 20 minute break. The staff were most attentive and we enjoyed looking over the balcony to the main bar below. We arrived at 6.30pm and left exactly four hours later after a truly magical evening of delicious food, spoiling wines and wonderful dancing.

The cost of running such an amazing operation must be colossal but London truly has a ballet/opera house to be proud of and the deafening cheers & applause at the end pretty much said it all. These performances can now be enjoyed at a lot of cinemas throughout the UK, making the Royal Ballet accessible to all.

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